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Not to take away from Rob but I also feel the same as he does. Someone asked me the other day how hard is it to build a boat? If you can turn a screw and run a few power hand tools I say go for it. There's folks here who didn't even have the tools to start and look what they have done. Awsome boats they built and they should be very proud of them.

If you have any desire to try and build a boat call Gus and Marc and talk boats with them. Just make sure you set the time aside as they LOVE to talk boats. The help here from not just Marc and Gus but everyone building will blow you're mind how many want to help and put you in the right direction. Some will even show up at you're place of build and help with glassing and flipping. Join the forum and watch as they flip one of the builder's 24 this weekend.


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Just wanted to post a quick note and say that this new site is great. Almost as great as the customer service that I've received from Envi Boats over the past couple of months. My son and I are building the Envi 17 Flats skiff and having a great time working together. I'm a first timer, and by that I mean FIRST timer as my greatest building accomplishment to this point may have been a birdhouse. I've learned so much to this point and my boat isn't that far along yet. If I sit and think about it, there are many cool things that I've learned over the last couple of months that I've never done before:

1. used a power planer
2. mortised anything (or what that even meant without using Google)
3. Scarfing - nope never heard of it
4. Kerfing - ummm ok
5. screw extraction

That's just a few of the things, and I'm learning something new each and every day. I also want to mention the great community of folks here on Envi Boats. I've received the nicest privates messages from many on this boat with great words of encouragement. Heck, I've even had a member pick up a tool for me while out shopping for me to use - who does that except for people that love boat and love building boats! It doesn't get any better than this.

If anyone is on the fence about taking on a project like this and want to talk to a true amateur - contact the company and ask for my number. I'd be happy to speak with you. Gotta run - we have a boat to build.

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