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A great many of our builders are first-timers and we want them to feel confident that their questions are going to be answered by a community of builders that cares.  Not one full of people thinking they have to prove how "smart" they are.

To that end, we want some control over the types and tone of the forum.  There is a ZERO tolerance for bad behavior.

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46 Foot Offshore Convertible


The first of our new 46s will be built on the Caribbean island of Curacao.  That island is getting to be a hotbed of custom ENVIBOATS.  This makes four on the island.

She is going to be a family boat.  She features a spacious v-berth owner's cabin forward with some full size bunk beds to port for the kids.  She is a galley up configuration and lots of entertaining room in her salon.




Our new 35 will one day be plying the waters off Virginia doing what her name suggests.  

Her builder knew what he wanted and here is the result.  Register to watch her come together in our Builders' Forum.



Costa Rica Charter Fishing

Introducing our newest design.  She is being built in Costa Rica as a charter boat. The captain frequently takes overseas guests on the fishing trip of their dreams chasing Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, Roosterfish and Wahoo.

You can go visit him and fish from the new boat soon or go now and and fish from his current boat. 

When you visit, tell him you saw this here and get a beautiful T-shirt from his company, Agape Sport Fishing Costa Rica. (Click the link to go to his Facebook page)

 For additional information, click the Specifications link (below).



Bimini 2014

This year, one of our builders took his boat from Florida to Bimini for the third time.  He was kind enough to send us some video.

We hope you enjoy it!

If you click on the video, you can click on the "full screen" button.




We thought we would have her in the water by now and we are just getting her started.  We have just been soooooo busy!  You know how it is.

If you are a member, you can watch her come together in the builder's forum. We suggest you join the site now.

This is what she will look like...


For additional information, click the Specifications link (below).




Stunning work (as always) by Xcelerator Boatworks!

One angler in North Carolina will soon be the proud owner of this recent completion by Joel and his crew of incredibly talented boatbuilders in Charlotte, NC.

They documented the build on their facebook page.  Click HERE to check that out.

Thanks guys for doing an awesome job!


Build one yourself or have one built...  Either way you will be ENVIed!


We updated our 24 Bay and here she is!

We were asked "What happened to the ENVI 24 Bay from your old site?"

We had been trying to find the time to update her and never quite got to it.  Nothing like an excited builder to get you to change your priorities!

We also are doing a little product line reorganization.  Now that the new 24 Bay "Jack" is here, we are going to no longer refer to our 21 "Blackfin" and our 23 "Largo" as hybrids.

From now on, they are two models in our "Near Shore" series.


Our first builder of the 24 ENVI "Jack" is an experienced boatbuilder.  We encourage you to join our site so that you can see the Build Threads in our forum.  Watch this pretty girl's build progress!

Remember, you must log in to see it...


OK... We promised something different...

Like we said ...  We designed her for us to use.  Now don't worry, we are not making a permanent departure from Carolina lines.  Not at all.  We just want to do some flyfishing and we thought a big clean wide and stable deck would be perfect.  Her form follows her function.  Keeping her simple, we gave her highly-responsive stick steering and very comfortable seats.  If she were bigger I'd stand up to drive but in this size and in a boat meant for flat / skinny water, this seemed the answer for how I will use her.

From a couple of the fly-fishermen we consulted:  "A fly-fisherman's dream!"...  "Smokin' hot!"...   From one of our current customers: "First look makes you smile!"

Thanks everyone for your help.


We designed her to be cold-molded and to go together lightning fast.  We intend to start on her very soon and will video the entire process.

As you see in the renders, the compartment behind the seats can hold two 6 gallon portable fuel tanks.  We also intend to offer her ready to accept 15 gallons of fuel in two built in tanks.  This will make the compartment purely stowage. Our plan is to put a 40 HP E-TEC on her.  She will be both quick and economical.  She will also handle a 60 very well.

The aft hatches can accommodate stowage, live well and fish boxes.

We also show a more conventional center-console arrangement which should make her very appealing to our friends in Texas.













(Frankly, we aren't sure which one we like better!)

We will also equip ours with an additional kill lanyard for the passenger making her a very capable boat to teach our kids how to handle a boat.

We know she is different.  That is what we like about her.

Whether you love her or not, please tell us why.  We would certainly value your opinions.  Comment right here.  Click the "View Details" button and go for it!


We will be happy to show you our products in detail.  However, these presentations require scheduling in advance.  

Contact Marc for details.

email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

phone: (910) 213-3200

If you have an appointment for a meeting,