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on 07/10/2018

Why Register?

The Personal Build Threads are only visible to you if you register.  Again, why????

As you may know we are all about SUPPORT!!!

If you cruise many of the public boat building sites, you will find that there are a great many people who, if they share knowledge at all, do so in a manner that is very condescending.  And that is putting it mildly!

A great many of our builders are first-timers and we want them to feel confident that their questions are going to be answered by a community of builders that cares.  Not one full of people thinking they have to prove how "smart" they are.

To that end, we want some control over the types and tone of the forum.  There is a ZERO tolerance for bad behavior.

Now you know WHY.  Let's get on with the HOW.

How to Register

In the picture below, you see two icons in the lower right corner of our banner menu.  Click the right one to create a new registration.


Click the icon next to the registration icon to log in.  It looks like a padlock.  There is a "remember me" check box so you don't have to log in each time.

The registration is a two step process.  The site will send you an email with a link for you to confirm your identity.  This was necessary to stop spammers from filling the forum with ads for fake Rolex watches.

If the confirmation email doesn't make it to you, look in your SPAM folder.  If you have any trouble, just give us a call.  We will walk you through it.

More about SPAM.  We promise you now that we will not sell or give your email address to anyone and we will not SPAM you either.

If you find the registration email in your SPAM folder, you probably want to whitelist mail from ENVIBOATS.COM.  Otherwise, if you subscribe to a builder's thread, you will miss the updates to that thread.

Thanks and enjoy!




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