What We Do

Designs / Jigs

ENVIBOATS Is a quality supplier of semi-custom boat jigs developed in the Carolina style. Our jigs are produced from full 3D computer-aided designs and are completely CNC cut to ensure that both the professional boatbuilder as well as the DIY'er can build a sound, high-quality boat in the shortest time possible.

FasBuild™ Options

To speed up the process even more, we offer many boat components pre-cut. They are placed into the jig and the hull is molded with them in place. Just think of the time savings. Steps that took a week -- take a day. Those that took a day -- take an hour.  Flip the boat and a good portion of the structure and interior is already there.


We offer many types of support thoughout the build -- and at NO charge. Both the quality and quantity of our support is discussed on a regular basis on the Internet. We can't be successful unless you are. It's that simple!


We offer nearly everything you need to build your boat -- and at great prices. We provide a detailed Bill of Materials outlining what is needed - and when - during the build process.

Completed Boats

From a faired and primed hull to a completed boat to "yacht finish" -- or any step in between. We can make your dreams happen.

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