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Not just another pretty face!

As we mentioned on our old site, this new site has a LOT more going for it.

It is built on a modern framework that should work better on all devices. That includes mobile!

If you discover any issues, please contact us! It would be very helpful if you could also attach a screenshot. Just send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are currently experiencing issues posting pictures in the forum, click on link below for more info.

Click Here to View Known Website Issues

The possibilities for connecting with other builders (and boaters) with similar interests are now MUCH better.  The site has great integration with social media (much of it will take a few more days to turn on) and has extensive capabilities for social interaction built in.

We believe we have been successful restoring the database of user information.  Remember we cannot see your passwords so we cannot test your logins.  Our logins from the old site work perfectly so we believe yours will too.  If not, please try this facility (illustrated below).  If that doesn't work, we will go back to the old site for a couple more days and try again.

Please do NOT hesitate to contact us if you are having any trouble whatsoever!

Thanks and we hope you enjoy the site!

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