Sneak peek

Florida Lines Meet Carolina Lines!

We figure the geography comes together somewhere around Kiawah Island.

One of our customers had the vision you see before you.  He asked us to make it happen. We obliged.  Remember... "Together We Do Custom"?

He thinks she is HOT!!! and so do we.   She is currently drawn as a 34.  Gonna have twin 350s.  She certainly should have plenty of giddyup!

Another customer saw her and is commisioning a 29 in the style.

What do you think?  Whether you like her or not, we would love to know!

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    Albert Albert Posted on September 19, 2014

    Hello, I'm interested in knowing whether the building of these two boats has already begun.
    Also, is there a blog or website I can view them on ?

    Thankyou and regards,

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