General FAQs

Do you offer plans?

We currently do not offer a "plans-only" option for our cold-molded boats.  Although, we might actually make more money selling plans, our real goal is to be successful by making dreams of a custom Carolina boat come true for more people!
We feel that a "plans-only" option will not achieve this.  Our builders continually tell us that our jigs give the process a very good starting point.  They tell us that it greatly reduces the "fear factor" and the "What do I do next?" moments.
Additionally, we provide ongoing support through the life of the build - AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.  The result: Our builds rarely "stall".
We ensure that we are successful by ensuring that YOU are successful.
We frequently hear: "You make this possible for the ordinary guy!"

We smile everytime we hear that!!!

Can I build more than one boat with your jigs?

The answer is yes... if you pay for building that second boat.  We don't actually sell you a jig.  We license it to you to produce one boat.  If it is your desire to produce boats for sale, let's openly discuss your plan so that we can reach a simple agreement regarding re-use of the jig.  
Our fees for that next boat will be very reasonable.