General FAQs
We typically don't like to send out pricing before we get a chance to talk to you.  There are just too many options!  We have not found it effective to send out quotes and then talk.  That usually generates more questions than answers.
It is not just a matter of keeping the prices up-to-date.  (Although that is a struggle in itself.)  It is also a matter of explaining the choices you have when building a custom Carolina ENVIBOAT.  We want to see you in the boat that is right for you and and configured as the right balance between your cost and time.  We would like the opportunity to explain, for example, the cost vs. benefit of our FasBuild™ options.
We are continually trying to improve our website over time.  We use a quoting system that is tied directly to each boats' Bill of Materials.  We can produce very accurate pricing and do it quickly,  
Please do not hesitate to call us!  We will be happy to explain everything!  We are known for that!