General FAQs

Do you offer plans?

We currently do not offer a "plans-only" option for our cold-molded boats.  Although, we might actually make more money selling plans, our real goal is to be successful by making dreams of a custom Carolina boat come true for more people!
We feel that a "plans-only" option will not achieve this.  Our builders continually tell us that our jigs give the process a very good starting point.  They tell us that it greatly reduces the "fear factor" and the "What do I do next?" moments.
Additionally, we provide ongoing support through the life of the build - AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.  The result: Our builds rarely "stall".
We ensure that we are successful by ensuring that YOU are successful.
We frequently hear: "You make this possible for the ordinary guy!"

We smile everytime we hear that!!!

Do you only sell "Kits"? Can I buy a finished boat?

You want a finished boat custom Carolina boat?  We can make that happen!
We can build you the boat of your dreams or work closely with a builder that you select.  Currently we have close working relationships with seven professional boatbuilders.
 (We welcome inquiries from professional boatbuilders.)
Our agreements with these builders range from production fiberglass molded boats to individual "one-off" or custom projects.

Give us a call.

(910) 213-3200
We would love to discuss your needs with you!

Why can't I find pricing on your website?

We typically don't like to send out pricing before we get a chance to talk to you.  There are just too many options!  We have not found it effective to send out quotes and then talk.  That usually generates more questions than answers.
It is not just a matter of keeping the prices up-to-date.  (Although that is a struggle in itself.)  It is also a matter of explaining the choices you have when building a custom Carolina ENVIBOAT.  We want to see you in the boat that is right for you and and configured as the right balance between your cost and time.  We would like the opportunity to explain, for example, the cost vs. benefit of our FasBuild™ options.
We are continually trying to improve our website over time.  We use a quoting system that is tied directly to each boats' Bill of Materials.  We can produce very accurate pricing and do it quickly,  
Please do not hesitate to call us!  We will be happy to explain everything!  We are known for that!

Can I build more than one boat with your jigs?

The answer is yes... if you pay for building that second boat.  We don't actually sell you a jig.  We license it to you to produce one boat.  If it is your desire to produce boats for sale, let's openly discuss your plan so that we can reach a simple agreement regarding re-use of the jig.  
Our fees for that next boat will be very reasonable.  


Where can I find high-quality boatbuilding materials?


No more chasing all over the Internet...

... trying to figure out where to get your supplies.  
We offer most of the materials necessary to build the boat - high-qualty materials at great prices.  We would love the opportunity to compete for your business.  However, you are not locked into buying them from us.  If you have a local source that works for you, that works for us.
Additionally, in the future, we intend to offer rigging supplies such as helms, lights, electrical panels, etc.  Possibly even motors.  Whether it is currently a part of our "normal" product line or not, let us know.  We can probably get it for you and at a very good price.

How do you support the 'average' builder?

We do NOT charge extra for support for the life of the build! We are readily available via phone, email and live 3D sessions over the Internet.

Live 3D session? What is that?

If you have high-speed Internet available, we connect your computer to ours where, together, we can review the 3D CAD diagrams of your boat. You have full control of the mouse and keyboard and you can point to the areas in question where they can be zoomed, rotated and discussed until the answers to your questions are clear. 
At that point, we often take screenshots and email them to you. This way you will have a visual record of the conversation. This works extremely well.
In the middle of your construction, we will jointly review your photographs to ensure there is complete understanding.

Don't take our word for it!

If you are a registered member of our site, send a private message (PM) to our builders.  We encourage you to get their feedback.
We look forward to welcoming you into our family of builders.