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General Specifications:

Specifications, including hydrostatic information, are provided as a convenience only and may change without notice. These proposed targets are approximate and are heavily dependent on choices made during construction such as material weights and other subsequent factors such as engine size and loading of the vessel during actual use.

Designation: 13OSKIP
Name: Recon
Series: Flats
Maximum Beam: 3 ft 9 in / 1.14 m
Target Draft (Hull Only): 4 in / 10 cm
Notes on Draft:

Predicted draft at Target Displacement
(See Notes on Displacement below)

Target Displacement: 560 lbs / 254 kg (Hull: 175 lbs / 79 kg)
Notes on Displacement:

Fully loaded at Designed Waterline: People, Fuel, Motor(s), Consumables, etc.  This is a better figure for evaluating a boat in real world conditions.

Maximum Recommended Horsepower: 10
Fuel Capacity: 3 - 6 Gal
Deadrise at transom:
Deadrise at midships:
Deadrise at entry: 35°
Waterline length: 11 ft 11 in / 3.6 m
Hull Surface Area: 60 sq ft / 5.5 sq m
Notes on Hull Surface Area:

When considering a new boat build, the Hull Surface Area is a good indication of the relative size of one boat compared to another.

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