Together we do custom...
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Together we do custom...
If you don't see what you are looking for...
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The 'Redneck Mudder'

Written by on 02/02/2016

Introducing the 'Redneck Mudder'!

The 'Mudder' was designed as a technical skiff for really skinny waters.

She is to be built in all composite materials to be a light as she can reasonably be.  She does have a decent entry that'll get you across some chop to get into the skinnies.

She was designed with the thought of hanging a mud motor on her and going ANYWHERE!

For an example of a mud motor, click here to check these out.


Costa Rica

on 25/07/2015

Costa Rica Charter Fishing

Introducing our newest design.  She is being built in Costa Rica as a charter boat. The captain frequently takes overseas guests on the fishing trip of their dreams chasing Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, Roosterfish and Wahoo.

You can go visit him and fish from the new boat soon or go now and and fish from his current boat. 

When you visit, tell him you saw this here and get a beautiful T-shirt from his company, Agape Sport Fishing Costa Rica. (Click the link to go to his Facebook page)

 For additional information, click the Specifications link (below).



Bimini Bound

on 30/12/2014

Bimini 2014

This year, one of our builders took his boat from Florida to Bimini for the third time.  He was kind enough to send us some video.

We hope you enjoy it!

If you click on the video, you can click on the "full screen" button.



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Many people believe that building a boat is a perfect way to express their creativity and craftsmanship.  We agree.

Our builders include professional boatbuilders as well as Do It Yourselfers (DIY'ers).  

They come from all ages, all walks of life, and all levels of experience.

Click here to see a map of our build locations.  Maybe there is a builder near you.  Most are excited to show their work to a potential new builder.

We can help arrange it.

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Builder Testimonials
"Seems like once you build one of these ENVI boats you don't want to be seen in anything else!!!!"

   -- Donnie

"These guys from ENVI are good people!  They have designed two boats for me.  One is in the water and is nothing short of BAD ASS!  We are working on the second one now and can't wait to splash her.

   -- Capt Dale

"I am a first time builder fulfilling a dream. The guys from ENVIBOATS have been there for me every step of the way. If you have the dream, these are the guys that can make it happen."
"When you start your boat you will never be alone.  The ENVI 'family' and this website, is the best source of information you could ever dream of.  
I urge you all, join the "family"! We all will help you build your dream. And in Marc's famous two words, 'Rock on!'."

   -- The Leggetts


(Warren felt strongly about this and wrote a lot more.  It is worth taking the time to read!  Click here for the entire text.)

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