Together we do custom...
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Together we do custom...
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The Leggett Family Boat Build

Often times in our lives we can look back at specific points, dates and events.  And along those same lines, we all have looked at things, and watched others and have realistically accepted that some things are beyond our reach for various reasons, money, time, or one's ability.  Maybe not...

One Sunday afternoon, we were all on Sugarloaf Island (North Carolina).  Dad, Mom, Hannah, Caroline, Ethan and of course our hairy child Bailey, the spaniel.  At that time, we were running a 34 foot Fountain that could literally eat up the water at 70 mph!  It was on that day about three years ago, that the whole Leggett family was on the island watching the charter fleet come in with their catch.  We always dreamed of owning a boat like that one day.  Little did I know it but our dream was right beside our boat.  We will never forget this scaled down version of the "dream" that pulled right along side.  

The owner and captain was a fellow named Donnie.

We did the normal 'meet and greet' and I asked a question that would change the Leggett Family for the rest of our lives.  "Who built your boat?" The man said "I did!".  The rest, as they say, is history.  I had learned so much from my father and all my brothers and one sister that I knew I wanted to pass many skills along.  My wife, who is also very talented on a broad spectrum, felt the same way.  There was no decision to be made.  This was going to happen. We did not know how but we all felt that the "Genie" was out of the bottle and there was no turning back.  We called ENVIBOATS, got started, and it has been the greatest family project ever!  One of the two questions we are asked most often is "how much will it cost?" and "how long will it take to build?".  Our answer has been the same since we started.  We don't track how much it will cost because, for the Leggetts, what we all have learned to do is priceless.  For the answer to the second question...  That is simple... "Thursday"

All of us in the family agree; it has been the most rewarding experience ever.  For every single phase of building a dream, every one in the Leggett family has been actively involved. For each member of the family, hairy child (spaniel) included, it has all been positive and fun!

In boat building, yelling is never allowed.  But there are a few things that I must share with anyone considering building a boat.  Remember it is your boat and that is all that matters.  It is your boat!  When those times occur where it seems like progress should be faster, don't let it feel like an albatross, but view it as a glacier.  A glacier is a beautiful part of our world in all phases. From the ones that gave us the Grand Canyon to the ones that are still sculpting Alaska.  That is the way you will fall in love with building your boat.  Some days you will see significant changes and some times it will seem to take a long time to see a change.  

But, I am sure you're asking yourself, "Can I do it? Can I really do this?".  YES! Because of one word.  "Family". When you start your boat you will never be alone.  Steady and solid at the helm of ENVIBOATS, you have Marc and Gus.  Those guys are there 24/7.  But there is something even better, you have the entire ENVI family. It is the greatest family out there.  It is the best source of information you could ever dream of.  And again thanks to Marc and Gus who always think ahead on how to improve the process.  In tandem with this awesome web site, as a 'family' member, you have everything that you will ever need.  Through the web site, they have kept us all connected with really good information.

I urge you all, join the "family"! We all will help you build your dream. And in Marc's famous two words, "Rock on!".

  -- The Leggetts
(Thank you Warren!  This is why we work 24/7!)

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Our Builders

1388 Feet being currently being built or already launched!

Many people believe that building a boat is a perfect way to express their creativity and craftsmanship.  We agree.

Our builders include professional boatbuilders as well as Do It Yourselfers (DIY'ers).  

They come from all ages, all walks of life, and all levels of experience.

Click here to see a map of our build locations.  Maybe there is a builder near you.  Most are excited to show their work to a potential new builder.

We can help arrange it.

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Builder Testimonials
"Seems like once you build one of these ENVI boats you don't want to be seen in anything else!!!!"

   -- Donnie

"These guys from ENVI are good people!  They have designed two boats for me.  One is in the water and is nothing short of BAD ASS!  We are working on the second one now and can't wait to splash her.

   -- Capt Dale

"I am a first time builder fulfilling a dream. The guys from ENVIBOATS have been there for me every step of the way. If you have the dream, these are the guys that can make it happen."
"When you start your boat you will never be alone.  The ENVI 'family' and this website, is the best source of information you could ever dream of.  
I urge you all, join the "family"! We all will help you build your dream. And in Marc's famous two words, 'Rock on!'."

   -- The Leggetts


(Warren felt strongly about this and wrote a lot more.  It is worth taking the time to read!  Click here for the entire text.)

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